Strumming Some Heartstrings

Sunday, July 3, 2011
at 3:50 AM



at 3:23 AM

After 3 years of using this blog, I am thinking of shifting house for my blog again! Maybe on lj, wordpress or xanga. Not much reason for the shift, just felt like changing a new "environment" for a new start.

In the middle of the night at 3:30am, I am wide awake! I slept and I woke up 2 hours later.
This is how light sleeper I am. Bad for health. But really no choice.

I was browsing through my phone before I decided to came online, nothing much for me to play with my phone anyway. I dont have fantastic fun games either. Boring phone! ):
Oh well, I've decided to give MMSing Talent Contest a shot this time round, but I just can't seem to send that damn video to stomp! =( Just when I set my heart out to contest in a singing competition! not that I am fantastic, but worth a shot! Never try never know right? (:
Somemore, can get a chance to win camera leh! WHY DONT WANT! HAHAHAHAHHA! :P
if never try, the chances are 0! if you try, there is still a slightest chance!
Okay, gonna see how I can send that damn video out in the day! now super dark, I dont want to on the light in case my mum wakes up to give me a lecture on how I should sleep early!

Okay shall find a new home now! (:

In case you do not know, I care. ):

Saturday, July 2, 2011
at 9:44 PM


1st July - Leo's Transit. at 2:18 PM

I just woke up not long ago from a 13 hrs sleep. Woah, felt damnnn good and I am wide awake now.
Although I think I still feel kinda tired, if I want to continue sleeping, I definitely can.
Just that I think I shouldn't waste my time sleeping. :)

SO HAPPPPY SIA! =] I didn't sleep the entire night, part of me was excited t see him, the other part of me was trying not to emo cos the next time i'll see him is another 5-6 months! ):
Von stayed over at my house and we left house at 4:30am. (:
Reached airport at 5am, waiting patiently for NARDO! :DDDDD
and I saw him I saw him I saw him. EXCITEDDDDDDDD only!! (:
but it wasn't those drama mama type of run and hug him! HAHAHAHAHA! =]

Wanted to go watch sunrise, but due to the weather and also... BOB.. we did not! HAHAHAHAH!
BOB slept all the way til we decided to go his house and wake him up! =P
HENG, good thing his parents were awake and about to leave house!
So we managed to get into his house and got his mum to wake him up! (:

Breakfast @ 红心 Restaurant. (:
DIMSUM! Thank you Yvonne's Mum for treating the breakfast! (:
After that, we wanted to go play lan.
Ended up at Lucky Chinatown's kbox lunch! (:
MY 2 GUY FRIENDS CAN SING! Last time ask them to sing like asking them to swallow stone!

And then back to airport.
the time for some cry cry boooobooooo moments! LOL!
Okay, im joking. We took MANY polaroids! :DDD
We made full use of the 18 films I have! LOL! =)
And he went in @ 4pm. BOOHOOOO CRY.
okay, just a lil emo I guess.

MJ and POOL time at yvonne's house after that! (:
DAMN HAPPY, because someone 放水 and let me win him in pool! ((((((:

That was how I spend my 1st July! =D

Friday, July 1, 2011
One whole week of AWESOME celebrations! at 12:04 AM

Hello! :D
I was contemplating to blog about taiwan trip or my birthday celebrations..
I decided to blog about my 21st instead! :]

24th June:
Met Yvonne to swim at sengkang! (:
Dinner @ Hougang. (:
Back to Yvonne's place for MJ and sing!
Impromptu celebration for me! Thank you for the unique cake!!!! and for your SHOCKING present! :DDDDD

25th June:
Celebrated with my family on the 25th June. (:
We went to get my birthday present. it's a damn gorgeous ring! I was thinking if I should get a ring or a necklace! and I decided to go with ring! :) Thank you mummy and daddy for the present! (: But honestly, what I wish the most is their health! (:
After that we went to eat at some ulu place, didnt choose fanciful restaurant cos my mum can only eat fish and veg for the time being. so yup! =)
Went to buy bakerzin's strawberry shortcake after that!
(I am sorry yvonne chua! you didn't get to eat the cake! we cut early early. you cant come down! SORRRRY! and sorry no more left!!! =X)
After getting the cake, went home and cut cake, take photos and then I left house to find Jasmine @ bedok inter. Planned to have supper with ZX and Jasmine, and Yvonne! (:
I know it's a weird combination! LOL!

I really really nvr plan to celebrate my birthday there! Because Jasmine said she need to leave @ 11pm-1130pm.
But then to my surprise, Yvonne and Henry rushed down just in time.. before 12 midnight, and got me a donut.. as a "birthday cake".
Little did I know, my dearest HPY also got a cake. I really didn't know sia! =X
Yes, Pandan cake @ 85? it came true. LOLLLLL! =)
At least my birthday did not have the.. take the candles out of those creamy cakes! it will be like so eeeeew~
so yes, they sang me a VERY loud birthday song! it was really SUPER loud! I PAISEH SIA!!!!
After that, HPY went to get me B&J's icecream with M&M on top of it!
It's already SWEET enough for him to surprise me, so honestly... the icecream is FREAKING sweet! =) Literally and metaphorically. =)
Afterwards, my very nice friend yvonne chua, sent Jasmine home and then we all went to Yvonne's house.
Oh yes, I didn't go home that night. It's the first time I didn't go home. Everyone said... 21st must do crazy things! SO yes, this is my crazy thing! =) I msged my mum and told her I want to watch sunrise. LOL! Stayed over at yvonne's house! =)
All I can say is.. I felt so loved the whole night. =)
Left Yvonne's house @ 6am and down to ECP to watch sunrise! But the sunrise wasn't what I expect! so kinda disappointed!
however, I have my 2 dearest friends with me, I am more than just happy! =)
Thank you both of you! =)
Went home to sleep after that!

I think I spend my whole afternoon on 26th June..sleeping!
Only left house again at ard 5:45pm! =)
Had Turkish Cuisine @ Shaw House! (:
The ambience was not bad, the food was not say very fantastic!
There is this WEIRD drink, wah, it's FREAKING SOUR, omg... when I drink finish, I really feel like vomitting! EEEEEW~~ =(
can it considered as my 2nd crazy thing on my 21st?
but something different for my birthday! (:
so yes, thank you for bringing me to such an unique cuisine.
and thank you for your present and wonderfully cute card!!!
After that slack a while @ starbucks and then head down to 313 somerset to meet the "emo" HW! (:
Surprise Surprise @ no. 5 emerald hill! (:
so yes, peiyu and alex was there with a cake! =))) tyvm! =D
Cab home ard 12am, felt a bit blur! =X
I conclude I can't drink.

27th June:
Celebration at night with the sisters after a MJ session. :)
Kbox from 8pm-2am, but i left at 1230am!
supposingly it was from 8pm-11pm, but our system kept restarting.. we complaint.. and then they extend our timing to 2am and also gave us one jug of coke for free! (:
Wah, such gd service man!
I also dont know why after 1 song, I kinda emo-ed!

28th June:
Forlino @ one fullerton with ZR.
The experience is GREAT, honestly! =)
Though it's really a bit expensive, I think it's worth the whole experience and food!
Just that maybe it's a bit too high class for me, HENG i wear nice nice sia! if not cfm I paiseh max! =)
lucky i decided to wear my new dress!!! =)
you get to see the river, merlion, esplanade. The view is splendid! =)
The service and food is awesome! (:
After that, head down to teoheng to sing. Yes, 2 days of singing! :DDD I never get bored of singing! ((:
Met family at 7pm for dinner and collect my ring! :DDD

29th June:
Seoul Garden @ Taka. + Visit to PSCSC. :D
Heels Day! :DDD
Met Khai and Shireen @ Taka ard 2pm. Had Seoul Garden. (:
Thanks for the treat my lovely babes! Thank you for the present and awesome card too! :D
After seoul, walk walk ard cos they wanted to shop! I didn't really shop cos I did my shopping in taiwan already! :D
And heels make me really tired! =X I couldn't take it at ard 7pm.
After that went to CSC to say hi to people and take my schedule! :)
Stayed ard for abt 30mins, catch up a bit!
I know work will be so different, but oh well..... life still goes on! =X
Went home ard 9pm. (:

30th June:
Railway Station + Sushi Tei
Impromptu meeting with HPY and Yvonne!! :)
A trip down to railway station! (: Snap many photos! (:
I don't really feel upset about it, just that I have never go to the station before, so a lil fascinated! =)
Lunch @ Vivocity. (:
Back down to Bedok Point for Dinner with FangHan and Timothy! :)
Thank you for the treat at Sushi Tei! :)))
Thank you for the present!!
Thank you Timothy for the Helim Happy birthday Balloon!
It's my first Helim Balloon! I AM SO HAPPY! :DDDDD

Basically that's how I celebrated my 21st!
I guess it's better than holding a party!
If I hold a party, time spend with each grp of friends will be so lil!
Like this, I can maximise my time with each grp of friends! :D

To all my friends out there who spend their time to celebrate with me:

thank you for taking out the time to spend with me! I know some of you are working, you all still make the effort to date me out for lunch/dinner! (:
I feel really blessed to have all of you!
We maybe really close friends, or we maybe friends who catch up once in a while... I still thank all of you. I really really treasure each and everyone of you! (:
I am truly happy for the past whole week! (:
With lots of Love!! :DDDD

To the person who I met 3 days straight :
Though I see you for 3 days straight, I am not sick of meeting you. ((:
Thank you for being such a GREAT friend all these while! (:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
my inner feeling. at 10:30 PM

I always like to make things complicated, and end up getting hurt myself.
How dumb, how stupid, how silly.

Still in the midst of celebrating my 21st.
Shall blog about it after everything.

Work starts on monday.
Not excited at all. ):

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
at 11:54 PM

多想再一次 緊緊的擁抱 就算給我 一秒也好 一秒可以給多少 我都想要 . . . .

I can't ask for more.
Greedy me, please stop.



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